Xignite SDK for .NET 4.5

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  • No setup needed. Get your data in 3 lines of code or less.
  • Takes care of authentication for you.
  • Inline access to API documentation via Intellisense.
  • Access to all Xignite's financial market data RESTful APIs.
  • Support for Asynchronous calls via async.
  • Configurable api token and timeout values provided by app.config.

Getting Started

Access all of Xignite's financial market data APIs natively from .NET using Xignite's REST API, including access to documentation via intellisense!

  1. Add the DotNetSDK.dll as a reference in your .NET 4.5 project. Be sure to keep the DotNetSDK.XML file alongside it in order to get the documentation. Alternatively, get the package from Nuget @

  2. Add a using statement for the Xignite.Sdk.Api namespace.

  3. Begin using the API like so:

using System;
using Xignite.Sdk.Api;

    class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        var currencies = new XigniteGlobalCurrencies("YOUR_TOKEN_HERE");
        var list = currencies.ListActiveCurrencies();

        if (list.Outcome == "Success")
            foreach (var currency in list.CurrencyList)
                Console.WriteLine(currency.Symbol + ": " + currency.Name);
            Console.WriteLine("Call failed: " + list.Message);

        Console.WriteLine("Call took: " + list.Delay);


App.config Options

Fields with * are required.

  • XigniteSdkApiToken* - [string] This is your API token that the SDK will use for all the calls. This value can be overridden by the individual API constructor.
  • XigniteSdkTimeout - [int32] This is a configurable timeout in ms that will be respected for all the API calls the SDK makes. The default is 30,000 milliseconds (30 seconds).
  • XigniteSdkConnectionLimit - [int32] This value specifies the maximum number of concurrent connections is allowed. The default value is 10.
  • XigniteSdkProxyUrl - [string] If specified, sets the url of the proxy server.
  • XigniteSdkProxyPort - [int32] If specified, sets the port number of the proxy server.


C# example

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